Alpha Tau & Healthcare Capital Corp. to Combine and Create A $1-Billion Publicly Traded Company

Alpha Tau Medical (Israel) & Healthcare Capital Corp. (US) to Combine and Create A $1-Billion Publicly Traded Company Focused on Transforming the Treatment of Solid Tumors Through the Precision Delivery of Alpha Radiation

HekaBio’s partner Alpha Tau Medical Ltd has announced on July 9 (July 8, local time) that it will form a public company with Healthcare Capital Corp (Nasdaq: HCCC), a special purpose acquisition company, to be listed on the Nasdaq stock exchange by the end of 2021.

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About Alpha Tau Medical Ltd.

Founded in 2016, Alpha Tau Medical Ltd, is an Israeli oncology therapeutics company that focuses on research, development, and commercialization of the Alpha DaRT™ technology for the treatment of solid tumors.

Alpha DaRT™ (Diffusing Alpha-emitters Radiation Therapy) is an innovative technology that enables the highly potent and uniquely conformal alpha-irradiation of solid tumors. The treatment is delivered by intratumoral insertion of radionuclide Radium-224, which leads to the release and diffusion of daughter radioisotopes that emit alpha particles. These alpha particles have the capacity to destroy solid tumors. Since the alpha-emitting atoms diffuse only a short distance in tissue, Alpha DaRT mainly damages the tumor, while sparing the healthy tissue around it.



HekaBio Completes Financing Round

HekaBio K.K. announced today that it has successfully completed a financing round of JPY 400 million. Proceeds will be used to strengthen and expand HekaBio’s portfolio of innovations in development i